Terms and Conditions of Contract for Windows and Doors Installation by A&M Glaziers Hastings Ltd

  1. Binding Contract and Cancellation:
    • Subject to the company’s survey, this agreement is binding and not subject to cancellation by the customer.
    • If cancellation is requested and agreed by the company, a fee covering expenses will be payable.
    • The company reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, refunding all monies paid.
  2. Access for Survey and Installation:
    • The customer agrees to provide authorized servants and agents of the company with access to the installation address at reasonable times for survey and installation purposes.
  3. Product Composition and Installation:
    • Representative samples demonstrate typical product composition as shown on the estimate.
    • Measurement, manufacture, and installation will be done as deemed suitable by the company, with rights reserved for moderation.
  4. Guarantee and Replacement:
    • The company undertakes to replace or repair defective units within specified time limits.
      • uPVC profile: 10 years (5 years on Aluminium)
      • Double glazed units: 5 years
      • All hardware (hinges, handles, locks, etc.): 1 year
    • Guarantee becomes effective immediately upon installation completion.
    • Non-payment of the balance on the due date may result in the withdrawal of the guarantee.
  5. Liability:
    • The company takes reasonable care but holds no liability for:
      • Correcting structural defects in or on the customer’s property.
      • Making good any painting or decoration.
      • Damage to curtains, curtain tracks, furniture, carpets, etc., after work completion.
  6. Delays in Installation:
    • The company is not responsible for delays caused by:
      • Weather conditions.
      • Accidents, fires.
      • Strikes, lockouts.
      • Shortage of materials.
      • Causes beyond the company’s control.
      • 7-day cooling-off period.
  7. Payment Terms:
    • Payment of the balance is due upon completion of installation.
    • Non-payment may result in the addition of interest at a rate of 4% over the Bank of England base rate, at the company’s discretion.
  8. Maintenance Details:
    • To comply with the guarantee, the homeowner/tenant must maintain the product, keeping it in good working order.
    • All moving parts should be kept clean and lightly lubricated.
    • Frames should be wiped with a soft cloth or sponge and cleaned with a mild detergent every six months.